Hybrid mobile App Development

Our hybrid app development team consists of skilled UX designers, visual designers, and software engineers with extensive experience in mobile web development technologies. Hybrid app development uses its own app's functionality and capabilities and also serves to guide businesses and developers on the journey of developing HTML5 mobile apps. In general, a hybrid app is a native app that executes most, if not all, of the user interface within the built-in browser component. For consumers, native and hybrid apps are almost indistinguishable from each other: they're both downloaded from locations like the Apple App Store or Google Play, they're both stored on mobile devices, and they're both started the same way. The real difference lies in the hybrid app developers. Instead of having the app coded from scratch for every mobile platform, they write some of the app code in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript so they can reuse it across multiple mobile operating systems.

While native applications can enhance speed and maximize functionality, web-based applications allow a cost-effective way to secure cross-platform compatibility. Combining the benefits of both in a unique hybrid application framework can bring huge benefits. A hybrid mobile app permits you to reach a more large-scale audience.

Why our customers choose to develop a hybrid framework for mobile app

Here are some examples of how we as a company differentiate ourselves through our experience in developing the best hybrid app framework 2021 and creating great mobile experiences.

  • Agile hybrid development and project methodology
  • Best solutions and websites and mobile
  • Interfunctional team of experienced experts
  • In-house front-end professionals: business analysts, UX/UI specialists, and designers
  • Shared approach, transparent and communicative, customer-oriented
  • Competitive pricing for responsive and mobile web developers
  • Proven experience of successful projects and meeting commitments
  • Friendly, open, transparent, and cooperative way with customers

The technology we use in Front-End Development

Flutter App Development

Our team by using Flutter app development services designs beautiful iOS and Android apps with a natural performance.As an experienced flutter mobile app development, we use Flutter app development to quickly map native apps to each individual code-based platform.Flutter is the latest application development framework and is quickly becoming the preferred choice for building beautiful cross-platform applications.

React Native App Development

Snakescript Solutions is a renowned React Native Development Company with experience with the latest web and mobile technologies. We believe in implementing the next generation of React Native app development services with a clear vision of your business requirements and rendering unrivaled solutions for generating stable mobile experiences. As a good experience in React Native app development, Snakescript Solutions helps you develop cross-platform, feature-rich, and engaging mobile apps by improving React Native performance. Our React Native team works hard and concentrate on the necessities of our customers to satisfy their demands.

What our React Native app advancement agency can do

Our react native development company develops advanced applications compatible with iOS and Android. Here is a list of react native development services for mobile application development between different platforms that we offer:

Full cycle of React Native development

One of the fundamental advantages of choosing PHP for web development is that it is available for free to web engineers as it is an open-source programming language.

Rescue mission

Our rescue service allows us to quickly restore your app in case of a crash or critical error. We then review the code, create a revival plan, and stick to it. This package allows us to improve architecture.

Code audit

If the technical debt is too high, it's time to review the code. We provide code audit services to customers with an existing code base that they wish to improve.

Server-side API for React Native app development

Do you have a serverless React Native app? We can prolong its functionality by attaching a backend to it. For this purpose, we will create a server for the application and an API for effective communication between the mobile interface and the server.

Achieve your business goals by developing a flutter app

Smartly combine your business goals with technology solutions for better results

Expand your reach

1.8 billion people worldwide buy goods online. Selling is more convenient, easy, and fast

Increase brand exposure

Apps take up more than 90% of the time spent online with smartphones. Be where your customers are

Build commitment and loyalty Rescue mission

Send appropriate marketing messages at the right time and use push notifications to increase loyalty

Optimize your tactics

Collect and use data to create great user experiences and make your efforts more efficient

Why do our customers choose to develop Flutter apps?

With good experience in application development, Snakescript Solutions trusts global brands and innovative start-ups. We have good experience in developing the best apps for our high-performance human-centric apps.

  • Dedicated internal team
  • Experienced Developer
  • Amazing track record
  • Personalized and intuitive experience